Day Pass

Day Pass includes Parking and access to over 2000′ of river frontage.  From the bridge to the lower falls.  Restrooms, WiFi, and picnic areas.  Come spend a day relaxing by the river! Book online now

Rules & Regulations

* Covid-19 regulations: Please practice social distancing from those not in your group. *  Maintain at least six feet of separation between you and other visitors.  * Don’t visit if you’re sick or were recently exposed to someone with COVID-19.  We encourage everyone to bring and use hand sanitizer

Be respectful: to the property, those around you and yourself.
Absolutely NO GLASS!
Only park in designated areas.  Please do not park along the shoulders of roads. If a parking area is full, please adjust your plans and find another area to visit.
Abandonment of any vehicle or other personal property is prohibited and such property may be impounded by the Staff or an authorized person. In the event unattended property interferes with a safe and orderly management of the park area, it may be impounded by the Manager at any time.
Pack out your trash.  When it’s time to leave, please clean up after yourselves. Carry out any trash or dispose of it in the appropriate containers.

Dogs.  Pets are welcome on a leash.  Please pick up after them

*By booking with us you acknowledge the inherent risks involved with the rugged environment at Waterloo.  Including but not limited to: uneven terrain, slippery rocks, flash flooding, ticks, snakes, biting insects. Shoes are recommended at all times

Come enjoy a day at the river